Blog Post 1

Who is this Jen Fuller and what does she have to say?

This first blog is to begin a conversation about who I am and how I can help you with your SUP skills as well as simply fitness in whatever activity you are into.

You may want to get into better shape, loose weight, explore amazing water- ways, cycle across the country, race or learn about the mechanics of paddle stroke. I also want to hear your questions about what you want to learn more about in this wonderful SUP world and other activities you may do.

Ok, ready, here we go….

My inspiration and joy for the work I do, comes from the insatiable desire to move. Since I can remember, movement has been the way I integrate information, form ideas, high grades in school (Finally !), without it I would have struggled profoundly…ok so I am sounding what is now labeled as ADD. Honestly I think it is that many of us, and I am probably striking a cord for you if you are reading this, this is the place that our intelligence beams, where we prosper and grow.

I simply took this ability and excitement that I have had since I can remember and entered my schooling to delve into movement (biomechanics), physiology, muscular therapy, along with continued studies with some of the best physiologists and coaches I know of. My own coach and mentor during my Olympic windsurfing training days, Gary Scott (world record holder for climbing Mt McKinley and incredible coach), Carl Foster (exercise physiologist and director of human performance labs at La Cross), Joel Friel (Successful coach and athlete for over 30 years). Tim Fleming from Endurance Performance Sports, Sunny Blende Sports Nutritionist, Bob Seebohar, NRG Olympic triathlon coach and sports dietitian (Metabolic efficiency training), my physiology professor Bob Leonard (University of Maine, Orono), who slammed his fists on the desk to get across to his students to ask questions and that everything is a theory to be tested and improved on.

I would probably be an architect if I had not gotten into physiology. My acute sense of spatial awareness lead me to became an exercise therapist with the Egoscue Method to help people change compensation patterns, heal from injury and improve their lives. From all of these experiences and theories I share what has worked for me and has helped me become a better athlete. I encourage anyone reading this to also question what you read here or anywhere for that matter. There are many ways and methods that work for many people. There is not one way, there is only Your way for You, but I do hope I can shed some light on how to orchestrate the big picture of your training and health and, of course some questions wherever you may be in your fitness goals.

Ok, so by now you are wondering, how can you help me Jen?

* Identify and change injury and compensation patterns in the body.

*Set up a training program that includes workout schedule and recovery.(personalized through Training Peaks or other scheduling methods I use).

* Paddle stroke mechanical breakdown based on your body, terrain and conditions you could and probably will encounter.

* Equipment evaluation.

* How to maximize your fat burning ability through pairing nutrition and training.

I believe that fitness does not have to be complicated, it is applying science and easy measurements that help you track progress. Your training is not separate from the rest of your life so it is helpful to de-mystify what you have to do to achieve your goals. You do not have to be an elite athlete to work with me. The principals I work with apply to humans in general.

The blog to follow will be about de-mystifying some myths about training and health. Stay posted.

Thank you and keep on moving! Cheers!