About Jen

I have an undergraduate degree in Physiology and Biomechanics and Kinesiology. I attended the Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, MA and Myo-therapy Institute in Salt Lake City, UT Muscular Therapy. In 2001 I became a Certified Egoscue Exercise Therapist. 2020 I finished a year long program in Functional Medicine Couching through Dr Chris Kresser.

I have been practicing postural alignment therapy, educating, motivating and designing programs to help people understand how alignment is connected to degeneration and pain. Most problems can be solved with the right tools and understanding. The same goes for many health and fitness issues. Alignment is the foundation of much of the work I do. 

My interest began after an accident left my father paraplegic. He suffered from what is known as phantom pain. This situation piqued my curiosity about causes and cures for chronic pain and illness. Being an athlete, I was interested in the science and psychology of health and what it took to function at a high level of performance. Hampshire College is where I first tested out these thoughts and self majored in the science and psychology of health. I later graduated at the top of my class from the University of Maine, Orono in physiology and kinesiology/bio-mechanics. In between Hampshire and Orono I won a spot on the US Olympic windsurfing team and competed nationally and internationally for 4 years.

After opening and running an Egoscue clinic in Marin county I went out on my own as an affiliate and now have a private practice in Sausalito, CA  and the bay area where I do one on one Egoscue therapy, run group alignment classes and work with corporations and groups educating on the mechanics of posture and how to get rid of compensation and pain.

I also co-owned and ran an indoor cycling studio for 2 ½ years before selling it. I still teach and coach indoor cycling in Marin.

Combining stand up paddle boarding, which I am now considered one of the top ranked female paddlers in California and nationally. I run SUP training programs through Jen Fuller Fitness. The tools I impart through SUP can be used in any sport. The foundations of training in the wisest way possible no matter what your sport or activity level is will enhance your live. A well rounded program that considers your sport, activity level, nutrition and stress levels all have to be considered. I combine all my work in nutrition, body mechanics and physiology to coach in the best way possible. 

“Train smart” is the key whether on a bike, a board, on foot or in the water. A combination of understanding how to train most efficiency as well as a background in teaching, I have created Jen Fuller Fitness which is a place people can come to de-mystify training. Training theory and understanding is ever changing. We must use a combination of common sense and science to create a well-rounded and healthy approach. I set out to see how well I could do against women 15 to 20 years younger then me. Violà, setting up the smartest training program I could, I have stayed in the top of the elite fleet. I constantly study how the best athletes in the world train, especially as they get older. Staying healthy physically and mentally as well as uninjured is the key.”