What I Offer

One on One Therapy is directed toward helping You understand and gain the tools to restore Your body back to how it is designed. The muscles tell the bones what to do and the nervous system runs the show.

Pain usually develops over time with injuries and degeneration occurring as a result.  The good news is you can get out of pain. During one on one therapy I look at what is causing you to be out of alignment. For example if you have a frozen shoulder the chain of muscles to your hips are now affected and so on. In other words, jut because the pain is in a certain spot does not mean it is the problem. The body works as a unit so I help identify where the problem is coming from.

When dysfunctional patterns have developed and chronic pain or conditions are present, it takes time to create change so it is important to have You commit to a period of time so that the muscles & nervous system have time to hold changes. After the first session, we decide together how many sessions are needed. The good news is, it does not take as long to change the pattern/s as it took to get into the pattern/s.

1st session: 1 ½ to 2 hour session

  • Health history, goals and expectations
  • Photographs of your posture
  • Evaluation of anatomical position, movement tests and gait
  • Personalized set of exercises (menu). You are taken through the exercises, it is also printed and you will have online access where you will be able to review video instruction. (For iphones there is a free app called Pain Free Reader under egoscue, inc)

Following Sessions

  • Re-evaluation of current menu
  • Re-evaluation of posture and gait
  • Revised exercise menu and instructions
  • Photographs of your posture

One on One Therapy

Prices: $250.00 1st session put aside 90 minutes for 1st session

$175.00 following initial evaluation. (See package prices below)

$1200.00 package of 8 and we can customize the number to fit your needs.

Call or email for an appointment: (415) 306-3199  fullerhealth@mac.com

Dress: Preferably clothing that allows us both to see the joint position and body alignment. Lighter clothes are better for pictures and evaluation and  more form fitting cloths are better to see the muscle, joint and skeletal position. Bring a pair of sneakers in case they are needed for certain exercises, otherwise you will be mostly barefoot.

During this process you are welcome to call or schedule time for a brief overview of your exercises and/or questions that might come up.

Remember it is a team effort and the changes happen over time and not all at once. It is a process not an event.