Alignment Classes

Group Alignment Classes  4 times a week.  Class is 1 hour of gentle alignment exercises designed to help align your body and set you up for your day. Having done therapy for 20 years plus my strength in mechanics and movement, I teach my classes with each person’s body mechanics and compensations in mind at all times. The class is not about stretching but all about re-aligning so that your nervous system reestablishes what the body inherently knows. My philosophy is geared toward you understanding how your body works so you can help yourself. Remember, You are the expert ultimately. I just help you put the pieces of the puzzle back together so that your body can function more fully.

Where? 3 of my classes are all currently on line through Zoom only  and 1 class is live as well as Zoom so please reach out for more information. If you are going to take a Zoom class, I ask that people contact me first for a short phone conversation so I can find out more about you. Starting September 8th I will be teaching 1 live class at Harbor Point (HP) Swim and Tennis Club. This class will also be on Zoom. Contact me for more information.

When are Classes? Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am to 9am via Zoom only and  Live class at HP will be Wednesday at 11 am.

What you will need: 2 blocks (yoga or foam see links below,4″ to 6″ high), yoga strap, mat and small towel, inquisitive and open mind. If you want to order Egoscue blocks and equipment: OR

DRESS for class: Workout pants or shorts (in other words, dress comfortably)