Stand up Paddle Sessions with Jen:

I love teaching beginners as well as intermediate and advanced paddlers. There is always something to learn and improve on, especially since the sport of SUP is new and expanding.

Learning good habits and the basics of paddle stroke and board handling from the very beginning will set you up for more fun and success as you advance in your abilities.

Stand up paddling keeps growing in the numbers of people, places and equipment. I will help you be more efficient, increase your fitness level, and keep you from getting injured due to unhelpful patterns. Equipment education is important too because the kind of board and paddle can vary depending on where you are going to paddle, as well as your goals. These aspects are all factored into your learning experience.

Beginning sessions can be done one on one or in a group.

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced sessions are as follows.

One on one: $150.00, 90 min. session

Semi private: 2 to 3 people $100.00 per/person  90 min

Group is 4 to 6 people: $85.00 per/person 90 min session

*Equipment rental price is separate from lesson prices.

Why? Some people have their own equipment or have already purchased equipment rental packages from the locations listed below.

Generally the average is about $20.00 for rental equipment per hour.

You can choose one of several locations, where you would like your lesson to take place.

F-One, 1201 Bridgeway Suite C, Sausalito, CA 94965

Sea Trek, Sausalito, CA

101 Surf sports, San Rafael, CA

Demo Sports, San Rafael, CA & Tiberon, CA


Contact me for multi session package prices

Special Clinics and events:

Winter training (click here)

Spring training (click here)

Race training (click here)

Overall approach to Training

There are no two ways about it….You’re compensations effect how you paddle and move through your life.Stand up paddling (SUP), is the main focus of my athletic coaching and accomplishments. I will increase your efficiency in paddling as well as help you create a Fuller life.

From my work as an Egoscue alignment therapist for the past 12 years and over 20 years in body work and health and fitness I have noticed we are a culture that looks for quick fixes and results. The truth is change takes time, understanding and consistency. Just think of this, if you got into a problem, you can get out of it. There is a solution. Creating a model one can learn to change their physical patterns and increase their movement ability is what I do well. This includes more then exercise therapy. Sometimes a person needs other assistance in changing patterns.  I have a number of other practitioners I refer with or to in order to come up with the best solution.

I have worked with 100’s of people over the past 12 years who have changed degeneration and compensation patterns and in turn increased their abilities in movement as well as quality of life. Combining the education of how to change compensations, injury and pain in your body will increase your ability to do everyday movements you are designed to do. We tend to just “deal” with pain by pushing through it. The key is to stop and ask why you are having pain or you are not able to do certain movements easily and effortlessly.

I have been in the health and fitness world most of my life. “I experience the world through movement and have a particular strength for spotting mechanical problems in the body. Over years of being an athlete and working with people’s compensations and dysfunctions, there is no ignoring the body’s compensation patterns. If they are ignored, over time, injury and degeneration will occur. It is hard to see this when we are younger because we have not had as much time repeating harmful patterns.”

I help people integrate healthy patterns that will in turn help you with any sport or activity you are involved with in your life.

Stand up paddle boarding is my main sport I coach people in. It is a very dynamic series of motions that can easily be distorted through a person’s compensations. Change your compensations and increase your ability to paddle and live life more efficiently and Fuller!