What Is Alignment?

What is Alignment? (Egoscue training and more)

The symptom is not the problem so it takes asking questions to get to the root of it.  I trained as a body worker in a number of different modalities, as well as earning a degree in physiology and movement (bio-mechanics). For over 20 years I have used the Egoscue method work as a main approach to solving the underlying issues that people come in with, What is Egoscue?  In 1971 Pete Egoscue decided to start what he called the Egoscue Method as a way to help people restore their bodies back to the way it was designed. He felt pain was a sign that something was happening in the body that needed attention. He also felt that is was important for people to feel personally in charge of their bodies.  He designed this modality to help people regain the ability to move as nature intended.

The methodology uses a series of gentle “stretches” and exercises (e-cises) put in a certain order for each individual to help them overcome their lack of function and/or pain. For example 6 people could all have the same pain (symptom), but when I look at each person it becomes apparent that the compensations are not the same so the remedy is not the same. The key to optimum physical health is motion.  Restriction of activities and the presence of pain are the end result of the body’s inability to move in a coordinated and naturally supportive manner.  The Egoscue method, and “Fuller Health” method helps to re-educate the body to return to normal alignment and function.  It is a unique and effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery.

Remember, you would probably would not drive your Ferrari misaligned! In general people take better care of their cars than their own bodies. If you hit a pothole in your car at 60 miles an hour and the axle is bent as a result, you most likely would not continue to drive the car. Just imagine what would happen over time! To properly take care of your car you would first straighten the axle so that the rest of the car did not fall apart! Treating the cause Not the symptom not the cause helps create long lasting changes.